House Cup

Current House Cup Standings:

BIRD HOUSE 262pts.

WELCH HOUSE 260 pts.

LEWIS HOUSE 246 pts.



Here is the complete scavenger hunt list:

1. Recite pi to 30 digits from memory. (1 point for the first ten digits, 2 points for the next ten, 3 points for the third ten.)

2. Item Changed - Update Soon to Come!

3. A copy of Things Fall Apart that is falling apart. No obvious signs of wanton destruction – the decay should appear natural. (3 points.)

4. Entry tickets for sometime in February to the Adler, the Shedd, the Field, and the Art Institute. (4 pts./ticket.)

5. What if Lin Manuel-Miranda rewrote the LFA alma mater? (Up to 9 points for lyrics only; up to 9 more points for recorded performance w/choreography; up to 9 MORE points for a live performance at Morning Meeting.)

6. Condiment packets (those things you try to, and fail to, tear open) for condiments other than ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise, barbecue sauce, soy sauce, duck sauce, or relish. (2 pts./condiment, max. 20 points.)

7. (1 point for each type.)

8. The oldest date stamp you can find in the back of a book currently on the shelves in the Library. (1980-x points, where x is the year of the stamp.)

9.One of the first generations of House shirts, back when we printed the names of all House members on the back. (5 points.)

10.Reduce Club Fair clutter by conjoining two existing clubs – Anime Rights, Sailing Greyhounds, etc. Provide the poster for this hybrid organization. (12 points.)

11.Game of Phones. The House that provides the greatest number of flip phones shall ascend to the Iron Phone. (8 points.)

12. A dollar bill on which the sum of the serial number digits is greater than 50. (n-50 points, where n is the sum of the digits.)

13. A murder of crows, a bloat of hippopotamuses, a tabernacle of bakers. Shouldn’t we have really cool collective nouns for English teachers, college counselors, nurses, trainers, and so on? (Up to 2 points per group, max 12 pts.)

14. Persuade the Judges to award you up to 14 House points by using the Love Actually strategy (a moving and heartfelt sequence of poster-board messages displayed silently with an appropriate soundtrack playing on a boom box in the background). This must occur in front of the entire school at a Morning Meeting.

15. A video of a member of your House making a basket from anywhere beyond the opposite foul line (on the regulation-sized Glore Gym court only). (3 points, because it’s a 3-point shot – duh! – but bonus points for the creativity of your celebratory dance.)

16. Wow – I can’t believe that cost exactly $4.67! (Rounded up to 5 points.)

17. Wow – I can’t believe you purchased that at exactly 4 p.m. (16:00:00)! (5 points for a purchase made at 4:00; 5 bonus points for a purchase made between 4:00:00 and 4:00:10; 5 more bonus points if the receipt reads exactly 4:00:00 (or 16:00:00). 5 more bonus points if the same receipt accomplishes this AND the previous task.)

18. The Dress Code section of the LFA handbook lists over two dozen permissible items of clothing. Wear as many of them as possible at once. (1 pt./item.)

19. A hair-growing challenge among Mr. Makovec (Bird), Mr. Freeman (Lewis), Mr. Reidy (Sargent), and Mr. Poska (Welch)? Exercise in futility. A hair-growing challenge using Chia Heads? NOW you’re talking. Chia Heads will be placed by one of the Upper Corbin TVs on Feb. 1st. Plant the seeds, water as you see fit, talk to it if you believe in that kind of stuff, don’t touch rivals’ heads, and bring your Chia to the Feb. 27th ASM for judging.

20. Surround your Chia Head with a thousand origami paper cranes. OK, a hundred. In your House color, please. (1/10 pt. per crane.)

21. Why should we trust a glorified rat in central Pennsylvania to predict the weather, and our moods, for the rest of the month? Pop up out of your hole on Feb. 2nd, observe your surroundings, react as you see fit, and provide a soothing and informative narrative voiceover, a la the National Geographic Channel, that explains this odd ritual and what it portends. (Up to 23 points.)

22. Soda Sommelier. February 9, break, in the Dining Hall. Can you name which three ingredients (sodas and/or flavorings) from the Dining Hall soda machine it’s made of? (1 pt per correctly identified ingredient.)

23. Celebrate Valentine’s Day by being the first person to separate all the hearts, in order from Ace through King, from a shuffled deck of cards. Tuesday 2/14, break, outside the DOS. (13 points.)

24. Celebrate Washington’s Birthday on Wednesday, Feb. 22 by throwing a silver dollar across the Potomac River. Except by “silver dollar” we mean “Frisbee,” and by “over the Potomac River” we mean “from the Reid 1 balcony to the Reid 4 balcony.” Each House will receive 5 Frisbees. (1o points per successful toss.)

25. Chris Berman leaves ESPN this year, which means no more glorious nicknames such as Edwin “Re” Encarnacion, Bernard “Innocent Until Proven” Gilkey, and Scott “Supercalifragilisticexpiala” Brosius. Invent some comparable ones for LFA students or faculty. (15/8/4/2 points for the four best nicknames.)

26. Video of at least three team members doing a double-dutch routine. Extra points if the chant is Frog Hunt-related. (9 points.)

27. Where on campus can you find a building marked “CIRCUS”? (9 points.)

28. The rest of the limerick that begins “There once was a fun Morning Meeting…” Must be a CLEAN limerick. (5 points.)

29. xplain why your Hous should r c iv fiv hous points in a m ssag that do sn’t us th l tt r . ( l v n points.)

30. Get four out of five dentists to recommend that your House get 13 points for completing this item. Be sure to include that intractable fifth dissenting dentist!

31. What do you want next, my BLOOD? Well, yes. Donate 1 pint to the Red Cross, Lifesource, or other worthy organization. Must be 18 years or older. (16 points for a successful donation; 11 points if you attempt to donate but are unsuccessful.)

32. A soda can unopened but drained of its contents. The Judges must not be able to spot the means by which you achieved this feat. (6 points.)

33. Serve a detention even though you don’t have to. (20 points.)

34. A set of eight finger rings that spell out FROG HUNT. But you have to be blindfolded when you put them on before one of the Judges. (8 points.)

35. The traditional Frog Hunt commemorative knit item. (Up to 19 points.)

36. The elephant in the room. (4 points.)

37. Just enter the History Essay Contest already, would you please? (14 points.)

38. A 4th-place trophy (4 points), a 7th-place trophy (7 points), or an 11th-place trophy (11 points).

39. The longest unbroken sequence of any popular children’s book series (Goosebumps, Boxcar Children, Babysitters’ Club, Hardy Boys, etc.) (1 pt./title.)

40. Bedazzle your planner or iPad! (Up to 22 points.)

41. Choose-Your-Own-Adventure, First Day of Freshman Year. Must include at least half a dozen unsavory endings. (Up to 11 points.)

42. Thomas Dolbee. Bad English. The Smiths. Stevie Ray Vaughn. Emerson, Lake, and Palmer. Several of our faculty clearly have illustrious pasts in classic rock, yet inexplicably declined to be pictured on album covers! Right this wrong by PhotoShopping them in. (13 points.)

43. Adapt a poem by Byron or Tennyson to make it about Mrs. Byron or Mrs. Tennyson. (17 points.)

44. A duct-tape pet. No, this does NOT mean actual duct tape should come into contact with an ACTUAL pet!!! Animal cruelty is wrong! (14 points.)

45. Jerk chicken. As in, that chicken’s a real jerk. (Up to 12 points.)

46. Palace coup – a picture of a member of your House wearing a Burger King crown in front of the Mars Cheese Castle. (8 points.)

47. There are HOW many drainpipes on the exterior of Reid Hall and all contiguous buildings? (4 points.)

48. Etch-A-Sketch portrait of the faculty member of your choice. (Up to 27 points.)

49. You’re reclining comfortably on the sofas outside the DOS. On the round table by the stairway is a delicious Potbelly’s shake! It’s so delicious…but so far away. If only you had a bunch of straws and tape to make ONE GIGANTIC STRAW that could reach all the way there… (22 points.)

50. A Trivial Pursuit card where one of the answers is “The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.” (5 points.)

Everyone at LFA (students, faculty, and staff) belongs to one of four houses - Bird, Lewis, Sargent, or Welch. Throughout the school year, the four Houses compete for the coveted House Cup. The color of the cover of the Student Handbook and the Student Planner, as well as the ribbon around Monty the Bear's wrist, indicate the reigning House Cup champion; these are white this year because Bird House won the House Cup in 2016.

Students earn points for their House in a variety of ways:
  • Academic accomplishments, such as making the Head of School List or Honor Roll
  • Supporting LFA's athletic teams at games designated as "Pack the Stands" events
  • Performing random acts of kindness
  • Participating in one of the many House competitions, which range from a tug-of-war to a putting contest down the Dean's Office hallway, from a campus-wide scavenger hunt to a chariot race across the football field, from cutthroat games of Hungry Hungry Hippos to spelling bees

Past House Cup Champions

2015-2016: Bird House
2014-2015: Lewis House
2013-2014: Sargent House
2012-2013: Welch House
2011-2012: Bird House
2010-2011: Lewis House
2009-2010: Bird House
2008-2009: Welch House
2007-2008: Welch House
2006-2007: Sargent House
2005-2006: Sargent House
2004-2005: Lewis House
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